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Reading about fashion can be done by purchasing a fashion magazine at a news stand, ordering a fashion magazine subscription, or obtaining a fashion newspaper such as the WWD, DNR, Apparel News, or several other methods.  One of my favorite ways to read fashion news is to view online fashion news.  In other words, read news from an electronic format.  If the news source is online, it can be reached from a desk top computer, lap top, cell phone, or any other sort of hand held device.  Note: Some online news resources are not fully available (formatted properly) for hand held devices.  However, more and more companies are moving in that direction.
One very good place to find online fashion news would be at the Fashion Newspaper.  The Fashion Newspaper provides current fashion news that can be accessed from your computer.
Another place to locate online fashion news is at the online fashion magazine section on Apparel Search.  That page is a directory to help you find online apparel and fashion relevant media.
If you simply wish to read news about fashion, you should check the fashion articles and fashion news section on Apparel Search.
You may also wish to read the fashion blogs listed on the Fashion Industry Network.  You will be amazed at the amount of fashionable news you will find at FIN.

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