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Due to the fact that the internet was invented, we are now forced to distinguish between "online" and "offline".  As with nearly every other aspect of our life, "fashion magazines" are no different.  When selecting a magazine to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, it is important to think about the method in which you wish to receive the news.  You can receive your fashion tips electronically, or in a glossy magazine.
On this page of the Apparel Magazine website, we will help guide you toward discovering the various fashion magazine options.  Here you will find more information about online fashion magazines (electronic format) as well as the more traditional type of fashion magazine (paper magazines).
As you are most likely already aware, many of the paper magazine companies also present portion or all of their fashion magazine online in addition to print format.  Some offer portions free, and others are experimenting with online subscription formats.  Some of the fashion media companies have moved solely to online versions of their magazines.  In addition to the magazine companies, a similar transition from paper to electronic format is occurring with fashion newspapers.
If you are looking for online fashion magazines, you can try the online fashion magazine section on Apparel Search. 
If you are looking for more traditional, paper fashion magazines, you can try the fashion magazine page to find subscription choices.

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